Through pop-culture references and anecdotes this series of workshops and talks help you to uncover your purpose as a leader, building ecosystems of innovation and finding out how to elicit a visceral emotional response from your staff, customers or community. From sharing insights from screenplay writer extraordinaire Edgar Wright, to lessons from a 10-year old Lady Gaga fan to finding thrills by exploring the film mastermind that is Alfred Hitchcock, this series is fun, memorable, inspiring and useful, and is ideal for any person involved in shaping the "heart" of an organisation.



"The 21st century business model will have a Digital DNA at its core born directly from its purpose." - Mike Perk, Founder of WWC.

Any journey towards a company adopting a Digital DNA starts with a clear and concise view of it's vision to how they want to master digital and build a company culture that is aligned with the demands of technology and changing customer expectations. POP workshops and talks help leadership teams to create a clear picture of potential for digital, articulating the opportunities, knowing and overcoming it's barriers and charting a way towards making that picture a reality in the short-term, with urgency and profitably.    



No doubt that the world we live in and do business in is defined by constant and often, abrupt, change. This series of workshops and talks is about making sense and finding success within this context. The Secret Life of Perspective takes lessons from some of your favourite films to unpack insights from the field of behavioural sciences to see different perspectives and understand the impact and management of change towards achieving high-performance.



A 1-Year International Digital Transformation programme for small business owners. Your world is changing, and fast. The "next big thing" is everywhere, always just around the corner. The way your people and customers are looking to engage with your business is changing. But, you are focusing on the now, paying the bills, making ends meet - rightfully so - but your mind is thinking about tomorrow. What value will you add? This programme is designed to reinvent your future, unlock new areas of value, to realise your potential. Through a people-first approach to digital transformation, we have designed a 1 year programme to upgrade your business and help you find new value for your business. Using an international best practice framework for digital change, this programme helps you get a clear picture of where you are going, build a road map towards making it a reality, and prioritise roll-out of your actions. The programme takes the time demands of running a small business into account by offering you a combination of group contact sessions, one-on-one mentoring, forums for ongoing discussions and tools to track how the programme is impacting your business in real terms.