Louis Janse van Rensburg


Glengarry Capital is an Investment Fund  through which I, together with my two business partners Mike Perk and Fred Roed, actively invest in and build out a network of independent yet interconnected businesses. Glengarry's investment philosophy is routed in the belief that an ecosystem with higher diversity tends to be more stable with greater resistance and resilience in the face of disturbances and disruptive macro events. It is why we look to bring together humble-yet-ambitious, coffees-for-closers entrepreneurs to invest in their ideas and accelerate their scale through access to funds, collaboration opportunities, business- and leadership coaching, learning experiences & platforms to share their successes.  



WWC is a Digital Transformation (DX) Strategy & Advisory Firm where we work with organisations to realise their potential. We know that most companies are on a journey towards a digital future. Some call this "digitisation", others "innovation", we prefer "DX". Whatever you call it, some companies are very, very good at it (and it's showing in their results and culture) and others not so good. At WWC, we're interested to find out what the things are that's slowing you down - wether technological- or human in nature - and then help you figure out how to overcome those challenges. With just short of 17 years of experience consulting on digital strategy, innovation and change management, WWC is at the foundation of our investment portfolio.



"Never Trust A Skinny Chef" - the philosophy that's at the heart of Heavy Chef -  a Community of Emerging Entrepreneurs who celebrate people who walk the talk, who practice what they preach... who eat their own food. We believe that, in a world of talkers, it's the doers that are going to change it. Through events, interactive learning programmes and local stories, we aim to inspire our community members to start things and empower them to succeed.



Where knowledge is shared, wonder deepens. WonderClass is a Marketplace of Classes where our purpose is to celebrate those that teach & share the things they are passionate about as a means to bring people closer together. Wether hosting a class, workshop or course of any kind, by any group or individual, from any background, our mission is to connect and grow this Informal Teaching Economy and help people find things to learn that are authentic, useful & positive. A passion project of mine to a) empower people to make a dignified, valued living and b) start a movement that breaks away from a self-centred, self-mastery, be-the-best-screw-the-rest, "MasterClass" thinking that's characteristic of an increasingly polarised world, to rather find the wonder in experiences shared with those that share the love for their craft, together.