WonderClass is a Marketplace of Classes where our purpose is to celebrate those that teach and share the things they are passionate about as a means to bring people closer together. Wether hosting a class, workshop or course of any kind, by any group or individual, from any background, our vision is to connect and grow this informal teaching economy and help people find things to learn that are authentic, useful & positive.

WonderClass. Where knowledge is shared, wonder deepens.



A social experiment turned into a new Language Learning Tool. Speak Human believes that learning a new language through technology is limiting and doesn't do service to connect with people different than yourself. After-all that is why we learn new languages, right? Rather, Speak Human encourages people to use everyday interactions as a means to learn a new language and at the same time build mutual understanding through the most disruptive tool of them all: conversations. Through a guiding manifesto and set of tools, Speak Human asks it's community to ask the question "How do I say "Hello"?" to the nearest person you can find that knows the language you want to speak.

In BETA: Launching March 2018



Chutney is an invite-only platform for editors and journalist to curate and create eDigests that consist of multiple stories around a single theme or topic as identified by the editor. These eBooks are published and sold at via a shared-revenue model between editors, contributors and publisher.

In BETA: Launching JUNE 2018



FIVE BEANS is a self-publishing platform that crowdsources Short Story Collections from some of the world’s best storytellers: you. Collections are then sold on through a shared-revenue model between writers, publishers and good causes.



HC : Experiences is the sister company of Heavy Chef, tapping into its considerable network of social entrepreneur ventures, offering a Professional Experience Programme for professionals and business students in order to enhance their CVs, broaden their network and “roll up their sleeves”. At the same time, successful applicants will be contributing to a social-entrepreneurship venture in Africa.