Louis Janse van Rensburg



Photo credit: The sea caves in Kogel Bay @SouthAfrica



My true north as an entrepreneur is about creating ecosystems of profitable businesses that are authentic, useful & positive, and helping others do the same. As the co-founder of an Investment Fund & a partner in a DX Strategy & Advisory firm based in the southern tip of Africa, I use a pragmatic approach that balances detailed insights with big picture thinking, working with leadership teams to connect the dots as they navigate the uncertainties and opportunities characterised by the 21st century.



Creating an ecosystem of independent yet interconnected brands. Investing in tech, media and experiences that show potential for scale, led by entrepreneurs with heart.



Shaping leadership teams to respond to the uncertainties and opportunities presented by digital technologies to their business and people. 



Hosting workshops, talks and interviews that inspire and empower people on the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship and change.


“First man moves, then he reflects, then he encircles with words the things seen.”


PHOTO CREDIT: Hiking the Monk's Cowl, Drakensberg @SOUTHAFRICA



It is the above quote from African writer and poet, Breyten Breytenbach that reminds me of the importance of playing the part of Wonderer: to acknowledge the cyclical nature of life, by exposing yourself to different perspectives and environments (Move), intentionally taking time off to organise your thoughts (Reflect), and making sure that you take what you have seen to create, create things/projects/work/art/anything (Act).

Very much like Plato's Allegory of The Cave, having a guiding philosophy serves the purpose of giving myself as an entrepreneur permission to explore, understand, be curious, to embrace the non-binary nature of growing a business. From my views on the benefits of creating/being part of Diverse Ecosystems to my belief in the utility of crafting and believing in Utopian Futures to my advocacy of teaching & sharing as a means to Bring People Closer together - it is applying a Philosophical approach to engaging with my world that helps me get to know my true-self, add value to others and find the wonder in those experiences.


PHOTO CREDIT: Camping in the Hex River @SOUTHAFRICA